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twitter-iconI know… another Twitter post! But this one is too fabulous to keep to myself! The Twitter Guide for Teachers, available at eLearning Industry doesn’t disappoint as far as being informative and interactive! However, in my opinion, the title of this resource may just be too boring (LOL)…I’m thinking they should rename it the “Everything you can think of Twitter Guide for Teachers and More and More and More!” Once you visit the site you will see what I mean because the page has information about using Twitter in the classroom, but then you scroll down and you get to the video clips – those are great! Teachers talking about using Twitter, what worked, and what didn’t.

Some of you are saying, this is great, but Twitter is blocked in my school (it is for me too) and I understand why, but remember Twitter is an invaluable resource for an educator as they build a PLN, or Personalized Learning Network, so maybe you can connect on Twitter at home. You can follow great websites and blogs and also participate in educational chats like #edchat or #ohedchat using hashtags. It is important for the 21st century educator to be connected to their classrooms, but also virtually at some level (it makes the searching soooooo much easier when you need a resource!)twitter-hashtags-tweet-1024x936

Check it out when you have access to Twitter and see what you think!



One comment on “The Twitter Guide for Teachers via eLearning Industry

  1. It’s too bad that twitter is blocked at your school. My grade 3’s and I have a class twitter account and students take turns acting as “Tweeter of the Day.” We’ve connected globally with many classrooms. It’s been wonderful!

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