23 Roles of The 21st Century Educator

This comes from one of my favorite ed tech sites – Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. It has everything for the educator who is at all interested in the world of ed tech integration. It is for the beginning to the most advanced “techy nerd” (like me LOL).

One of the things that I have learned this summer in my reading and searching the web for great resources is that you plan for instruction, not plan for technology. Many educators are apprehensive in getting started with using technology in their classrooms because there is a learning curve in how to use the equipment and what if it doesn’t work (inevitably something goes wrong, and usually when you need it all to work right?)

This wordle? is a visual that allows educators to see that educating students in the 21st century isn’t just about using the fancy devices, it’s about shift in who does all the work. A great administrator once said to me that if I am more tired than my students at the end of the day, then I was doing something wrong! He was right! A 21st century educator crafts learning opportunities that engages students and provides opportunities for their success at their level. They facilitate collaboration, and new kinds of communication and also designs new and innovative ways for students to show their learning. Long story short – their role isn’t “the keeper of the knowledge” anymore, but the “facilitator for the discovery of knowledge.”


23 Roles of the 21st Century Educator

Link to original post on ETML site – 23 Roles of The 21st Century Educator ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

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