A Wonderful Visual on Common Core Standards for Teachers and Students ~ via ETML

Infographic on the Common CoreWhat’s your view on the Common Core? There seems to be both supporters and dissenters when it comes to this movement. My feeling? I think that anything that makes our educational expectations more consistent across the US has to be better, but more importantly, anything that helps our kids prepare for their world when they leave our care as educators is even more critical to put in place. I like the rigor and deep thinking that the Core offers. My only concern is that legislation and Departments of Ed take this way too far in how “accountable” they ask students and teachers to be. Sometimes too much is too much! When do kids get to be kids anymore and like school again? It seems we do lately in our classrooms is apologize to our students for having to take another test, which begs the question, if we test all the time – do we get to teach, too?

This link below will take you to an infographic (I love infographics! I definitely want to incorporate it into my teaching next year!) that is a fantastic visual to use with parents, teacher development and for perspective in understanding the Common Core Standards movement in the United States. You can see the visual on the left, but take a look:

A Wonderful Visual on Common Core Standards for Teachers and Students ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

Bookmark this website too for a later look when you have some time to explore, it is fabulous with articles, research and resources like this infographic!

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