22 Ways To Use Twitter With Bloom’s Taxonomy


Twitter in Education?

Twitter has exploded on the ed tech scene – which makes it hard because most school tech filters block this site for use. However, below is a link how to apply the use of Twitter to Bloom’s Taxonomy! I know…Bloom’s Taxonomy – remember writing questions or lessons based on these levels and trying to make sure you had address all of them? College days and College lesson plan formats!

Check out the link below and set up your Twitter account today!

22 Ways to Apply Blooms Taxonomy to Twitter ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.


A few of my faculty members have been asking about ways they can use Twitter in the classroom recently. As I helped them integrate Twitter into their own classrooms, I started developing a running list of different ways Twitter could be used and quickly realized that the best way to show Twitter’s value in the classroom would be to tie it back to Bloom’s taxonomy.

Below is my list in a prettier format! Feel free to share and copy it, and click on the image for a larger version you can use to print from.bloomstwitter

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