Why we can’t multiple-choice our way to the future

I definitely agree with this! This is such a huge shift in thinking for teachers and students!

Education to Save the World

For the past two weeks we’ve been talking about concept-based curriculum and instruction and critical thinking. This week we tackle the topic of assessment. Because if you’re teaching kids to transfer deep conceptual understandings to solve novel problems, or to think critically, we need to assess differently.

Less of this…

And less of this…

And more of this:

And this…

As we prepare students to save the world — literally, solve major global problems like lack of access to water, global warming, and failing democracies — we need to assess their ability to tackle big, complex problems, not just their ability to choose “c.” Because, come on, when was the last time any of us multiple-choiced our way to a better planet?

Now, don’t get us wrong. There is nothing inherently bad about multiple choice or true/false questions, or even memorizing multiplication tables. Some of the goals we have for…

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